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4G LTE, WiFi

See the world from a new perspective with the revolutionary Cat® S60. Combining the classic rugged qualities of Cat phones with leading smartphone innovation, this new generation rugged smartphone will allow you to Capture Everything from the palm of your hand. Achieve more with the world's first thermal imaging smartphone.

Integrated Thermal Imaging Camera.
With the Cat® S60, the leaders in heavy machinery meet the leaders in thermal imaging. Combining CAT's expertise in producing durable equipment with the FLIR™ Lepton camera, this innovative rugged mobile device is ideal for those working in tough conditions. An inexpensive solution to using thermal imaging in the workplace that you can constantly access from your pocket, this world first smartphone is a truly revolutionary piece of tech, offering the ability to see changes in heat up to 100ft away and read specific temperatures between 50-75ft. Capture thermal images anywhere and in any situation with the Cat® S60.

Exclusive to FLIR® and the Cat S60, MSX Technology simultaneously takes two photos - one with the thermal camera and a second with the standard lens. It then overlays the images on top of each other to provide a more detailed image so you can trace exactly which heat signature is coming from where. Furthermore, the phone is equipped with the MyFLIR app, an easy-to-use interface allowing you to shoot stills, footage and timelapse videos in a shareable file format. Apply movable spot meters and various spectrum filters both to live images and retrospectively to thermal images saved in your gallery. You can also pre-set emissivity values and even select custom temperature scales.

From home to the workplace, an integrated thermal imaging smartphone holds endless possibilities. Save time and money by detecting and resolving issues with a structure or machinery before they become a problem. Obtain essential data to begin work on a project sooner or build stronger client relationships with the ability to report back to them with demonstrable results. Shed some light on your DIY projects, spot overloaded sockets or electrical faults, trace insulation leaks, fix the underfloor heating, look for the dog in the dark. The possibilities are virtually endless with the Cat S60's integrated thermal imaging camera.

With this new integrated thermal technology come some practical points to bear in mind. Whilst it works in the dark, thermal imaging is not the same as night vision. These cameras rely primarily on enhancing reflected light whereas thermal imaging responds only to the heat signature of an object, making it far less susceptible to problems with contrast in low light. Thermal imaging cameras, however, cannot pick up heat signatures on some objects like reflective materials or insulated windows, and whilst they can see through obscurants like smoke they can't see through walls - only changes in temperature caused by objects behind the wall. Additionally, heat signatures left by hands, etc will only be picked up if pressed down firmly for more than a few seconds.

Drop Proof To 1.8M
If you value a drop proof phone, you need a rugged device that can handle big drops. You can forget the frustrations of usability problems that damage can cause, thanks to a range of drop proof mobiles and smartphones from Cat® phones.

All Cat phones are drop tested onto concrete from up to 1.8m (6ft) to prove their rugged credentials. The Cat S60 is reinforced with a strengthened die cast frame to withstand drops. Drop resistant phones are ideal devices if you work in trades like construction, agriculture or security. These phones are also a great companion for keen adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Waterproof To 5M.
Waterproof technology lets your phone survive more than just a splash of water. The Lockdown Switch is an exclusive feature to Cat S60, which seals off all audio ports to ensure the phone can handle depths of even 5m for 1hour. The touchscreens on Cat smartphones are equipped with innovative wet finger tracking technology, meaning you can use the screen as normal even when wet.

Waterproof phones are built to survive even the wettest conditions. The industry standard Ingress Protection (IP) rating system prove your phone can handle not just a brief dunk in water but also complete submersion. Look for IP68 waterproof phones to find the most reliable mobile phone to use in the water or in the rain.


Key Specifications
  • OS: Android™ 6.0 Marshmallow
  • Connectivity: 4G LTE 2/4/5/7/12/17, Bluetooth 4.1, WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, micro-USB 2.0, USB On-The-Go
  • Processor: Qualcomm MSM8952-3 (4 x 1.5GHz + 4 x 1.2GHz)
  • Storage/Memory: 32 GB, 3 GB RAM
  • Display: Super bright 4.7″ a-Si AHVA, HD, 1280x720
  • Cameras: 13MP Autofocus + FLIR Thermal Camera, 5MP Front, Video Capture 1080p, 30fps
  • Battery: 3,800 mAh Battery
  • Dimensions: 147.9 x 73.4 x 12.66 mm
  • Weight: 223 g
  • Water Resistant: IP68 Rating
  • Colors: Available in Black

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